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Tariff Consultancy

ASP Global is committed to providing our clients with the most up to date information on both Customs and AQIS Regulations.

We commit ourselves to understanding our clients businesses and products to ensure they remain competitive within their industry. This is attained by looking closely into their products and minimizing Duty where possible to give our clients a competitive edge.

ASP Global understands the complexities involved with regular Customs Clearance and also has the expertise to provide Customs Tariff Consultancy services and Customs Tariff Audits to ensure goods are cleared in the correct manner.

Our Services include:

As part of our on-going diligence to all clients, we are readily accessible to discuss how trade can be simplified by reducing costs and providing the most up to date information possible.

For all existing clients we provide an ongoing health check on their imports to ensure all imports are correctly classified and for new clients, ASP Global can provide a Customs Tariff Audit to ensure prior imports have been handled correctly. Under Australian Customs regulations, any duty overpaid can be refunded within 4 years of importation. Likewise underpayment can result in heavy penalties if found by Australian Customs. We provide a written report of actions required and charge on percentage of margin on monies found.