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Industry Affiliations



Strict pre-requisites of IATA mean that only accredited agents can issue airline paperwork direct in the form of Master Airway Bills. This allows ASP Global the opportunity of immediate acceptance of cargo phone bookings during peak periods and gain preferential rate structures which we can pass on to our clients.

IATA accreditation also provides freight agents with industry recognition of their financial and professional competence and airlines with a worldwide distribution network of approved agents who operate under government approved rules and regulations. These government approved rules establish the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the procedures and requirements for agents who wish to obtain and to maintain industry accreditation, thus becoming part of the airline’s global cargo distribution network.

In practical terms being an IATA accredited freight forwarder means that ASP Global interacts directly with all international airlines when shipping air freight and does not need to go through a third party agent which saves our clients time and expense. In addition, we have credit accounts with all airlines to expedite operations and administration.

Australian Institute of Export



The Export Council of Australia (ECA) is the peak Industry body for the Australian export community. The ECA is the next exciting step in the evolution of the Australian Institute of Export (AIEx) which, for over 50 years, has had the interests of Australian exporters at heart.

Owned by its members and steered by a Board and a Council of Industry specialists, the ECA is a not-for-profit organisation that has the development of Australia’s resources via the promotion of Australian industry in international markets as its primary goal. The ECA represents all exporters: large, medium and small.

World Cargo Alliance First


ASP Global boasts a 14 year association with the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) Family network and is a founding member of WCA First Australia.

WCA First is recognised as the world’s first non-exclusive logistics network and is the most powerful and most recognised single network of independent logistics operators in the industry. With 1483 member offices in 175 countries, WCA First comprises only the very finest independent freight forwarding companies in every region of the world.

All members of WCA First must meet the group’s exacting standards of experience, professionalism and financial strength – satisfying the strict criteria set by WCA for quality of service and reliability. Membership is constantly monitored to ensure these standards are maintained every time.

WCA audits each member and once membership is approved is able to offer a financial security structure. This security structure permits all members to work together with peace of mind and complete financial security. You can be assured that your shipment will remain in safe and secure hands throughout its journey.

To meet your needs, WCA First simply delivers to you the world’s finest independent freight forwarder and as a shipper or exporter you can benefit from:

Professional agents

To become a WCA First member, a freight forwarder must demonstrate its quality, experience and financial strength. Less than one-third of all applications are accepted.

Worldwide coverage

Any network can claim ‘global coverage’ but how many can deliver? WCA First is backed by the power of WCA, with more than 1506 member offices in 177-plus countries and more than 534 cities and ports.

Comprehensive insurance

WCA First members have exclusive access to a suite of industry-leading insurance products including Marine (cargo) coverage at special low rates as well as total E&O/Legal Liability coverage.

International teamwork

Meeting regularly with their fellow agents around the world at WCA First’s networking events allows members to personally discuss their clients’ needs and develop the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. Members develop a business relationship and understanding of their clients’ requirements that multinational companies are unable to offer.

Peace of mind

Transactions between any two WCA World member offices are covered by a financial guarantee up to a total US$100,00, underwritten by the proven financial power of WCA.


Members use a full suite of power tools provided by WCA First including online track and trace and rate quotation systems.

Value for money

With their superior local knowledge, WCA First members can obtain highly competitive rates for your cargo. In addition, the huge group buying power of WCA enables members to offer the best prices available in any market.


Every WCA First network member benefits from the All World Shipping group NVOCC – a fully compliant Bill of Lading which is legal for use in the US and China.

World Cargo Alliance China Global


WCA China Global – The best quality independent freight forwarders in China and their partners worldwide, building trust and long-term relationships. The speed and scope of WCA China Global’s success is unique giving members a vital edge in trading into or out of the world’s most dynamic economy.

Nearly 1060 members WORLDWIDE, WCA China Global is the only network with established credibility in the Chinese market. WCA China Global, partnering with CIFA, (sponsored directly by the Ministry of Commerce) the country’s top organization for forwarders, makes this the premier network in China.

Accentuating its industry-leading position, WCA China Global’s founder David Yokeum was voted one of the Top Ten Logistics Industry Figures by the China Shipping Gazette in 2006. As a division of the WCA group, WCA China Global provides shippers and buyers with a forwarding network of LOCAL professional companies that know their business and yours. WCA China Global members have the expertise, care and skill to handle your shipments on both ends of the movement.