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Case study: ASP Global Dili Project

ASP Global provides logistic solution to unload and discharge equipment for road building from Suai to Betano for Oil production by supplying 160T crane with midstream unload at Dili port from mother ship. No ports were available and final discharge will be via construction of a beach head at Suai


ASP leases Tug as Draft at Dili port is too shallow for Arriving Mother Ship , via Tug and barge and LCT steaming time transit time to destination is 36 Hrs

ASP is also responsible for transporting cement mixers, including skels and trailers as road from Dili to Suai is only for 20 fixed axle. Only short distance 130 kms however travel time is 10 hours . ASP had to arrange to barge all unloading and transport vehicles including 40 trailers and side-loader for unloading at Raikaten river camp which is 15km from Suai