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Australian Based Global Freight Forwarding Solutions

I approached Jack Haddad in 1995 after he was referred to me via an industry colleague. It did not take long to establish that Jack was sincere, professional and could articulate the complexities I faced, but at the same time providing well thought of and practical solutions. Jack helped me by identifying the gaps in our supply chain, the opportunities for savings from an inventory and freight perspective, as well as working with our overseas vendors. The result was reliable delivery, improved relationships, shorter lead times, ownership of the process, and clarity on the “track and trace” which was an issue for us at the time. One thing I liked most was Jack’s attention and support to our business and genuine desire to work with us to be successful. I found the experience rewarding due to the success of the source plan and solutions provided to fix the issues at hand. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jack Haddad to you and your organisation should you need articulate supply chain and logistics solutions. Jack has many years of experience in all facets of International trade and no doubt can offer your business an appropriate solution.